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What is Hot Shaper Belt?

Hot Shaper Belt in Pakistan If your day-to-day is too busy to fit in a healthy workout routine, why not stick with wearables that don’t require special attention to help you shed those extra pounds. When your body produces sweat, it becomes relatively easier for your body to lose fat. Hot shapers are fitness for everyday wear. Designed with Smart Fabrics technology that increases core temperature to help your body sweat, sweat, sweat and sweat more while wearing it during everyday activities. It increases the core temperature during your daily activities, at home, exercise, sports, walking, running, baby walk or any physical activity. Warm shapers can be worn while being active regardless of what you’re doing.

A fitness garment that lets you lose belly, leg or even thigh bulges smartly. These fitness wears are very beneficial to shape and tone your body perfectly. It maximizes fitness routines, giving you a slimmer waistline and thighs. It increases your core body temperature and improves your overall tendency to lose excess weight easily.

How Hot Shapers Belt work

Neotex smart textile expertise in Hot Shapers Belt in Pakistan enhances core temperature during your daily activities. Hot shapers belt in Pakistan can be worn when you are active no matter what you are doing

Whether you want to get fit like a celebrity or you are a celebrity and want to become the next famous superstar, then Hot Shapers Belt in Pakistan is an amazing choice for you.

Designed with enhanced Neotex Hot Belt Smart Fabrics technology, the Hot Shaper’s Belt helps you rid the body of excess fat, shaping it to look smarter and hotter. You cannot imagine how easy it is for you. Just put on the Hot Shaper’s Belt and you’ll start feeling the effects in just a few hours. Lose extra weight by removing excess fat from your body just by wearing this magical hot belt which is now accessible in Pakistan.

This belt has following benifits:

  • It works on the stomach and back.
  • It is made of Neoprene fabric which increases body temperature.
  • It is accessible in all sizes including Small, Medium, Large – Xxl, XXXl Hot Shaper Belt
  • This is very helpful.
  • Use it during daily work hours as you go about your daily activities.
  • It reduces belly fat in 3 to 4 weeks with best results.
  • Profuse sweating during exercise.
  • It absorbs sweat during exercise and keeps you comfortable.
  • It makes the skin soft and supple.
  •  Hot Shapers Belt Size
  • Small size: 27. 28 inches
  • Medium Size: 28.30 inches
  • Large size: 30.32 inches
  • XL Size : 33.34 inches
  • xxl size: 34. 36 inches
  • xxxl size: 38.42 inches

Washing instructions

Wash hot shapers belt price in pakistan after every use, especially after exercise or sports activities. Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent. Crush and dry. Hot Shapers Hot Belt in Karachi

  • Hand wash 30°C
  • Do not dry,
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Don’t turn up online.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Line dry / hang dry hot shaper belt


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